Club and Bar Shootings

Clubs, bars and nightlife establishments are responsible to provide a safe environment for patrons. From the upkeep of the facility to the ability to control fights and conflict, the bar owner must take precautions to ensure that patrons who are invited in will not be hurt while enjoying themselves.

From fights and brawls to escalation that involves shootings or weapons, people are hurt every weekend in New Jersey bars. Whether or not criminal charges have been filed against the person who hurt you, the owner has a responsibility to keep you safe.

Essex County Negligent Security Attorney

At the law firm of Goldstein & Goldstein, we represent people who have been hurt in violence at bars and clubs. This includes the person who was directly hurt by the violent individual, as well as bystanders and innocent non-participants hurt in the process.

Owners must have a plan for when violence breaks out. This should include hiring enough security guards and providing a sufficient amount of training to know how to contain and diffuse the fight, protecting patrons. When necessary, there should also be metal detectors to prevent guns and weapons from being brought into the bar.

We will also evaluate how quickly the police were called and if the fight was handled in an efficient and proper manner.

Newark Attorney for a Club Shooting

Going to the bar or enjoying a night out with friends should not be a risk. When it is, and you or a loved one has been hurt or seriously injured in a bar fight or club shooting, know that our lawyers will work to protect you and recover damages from the owner who should have protected you. We will conduct an investigation to find out everyone responsible, ensuring that justice is done.

To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss how we can help you recover damages following a violent night at the bar, please call our office today.

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