Dram Shop Liability

A Dram Shame

Bad situations involving alcohol and drugs don't just happen by themselves.

Someone has to take the trouble to become intoxicated. Before that can occur, someone else has to supply the intoxicating substance.

When a venue such as a bar, club or restaurant gives a patron too much to drink, and that person injures someone, a feature of New Jersey law called "dram shop liability" can apply.

Goldstein & Goldstein, in East Orange, New Jersey, has experience holding accountable the businesses and people who contribute to drunk-driving accidents and their consequences.

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Essex County Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Although liquor stores, bars and other venues earn their money by selling alcohol, they rarely accept blame when an intoxicated customer causes an injury or death.

Goldstein & Goldstein has experience proving bar negligence when it contributes to drunk-driving accidents. We use witness testimony, receipts, accident reports and other available evidence to prove such businesses weren't just innocent bystanders.

When possible, we demonstrate how an alcohol vendor shared fault with the intoxicated driver. Such proof not only convinces judges and juries, it also aids in settlement negotiations that can help pay for medical bills, ongoing therapies, reconstructive surgeries and other expenses that can follow a serious accident.

Making Deeper Pockets Pay

Often, the drunk driver is unable to pay these sorts of bills. But the business that enables the drunk driver usually does. When our lawyers prove the business shared the blame for the accident - known in courtrooms as "comparative fault" - we can also increase the chances an accident victim or his or her family will recover money.

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