Playground Liability

For kids in New Jersey, being at a playground means unbridled joy. Being able to climb, swing and jump after being cooped up inside is one of the great pleasures of childhood. Unfortunately, sometimes real life gets in the way. Playground accidents can still happen, despite improvements to equipment and surfaces that are routinely installed these days.

An injury to a child is an extremely traumatic event, not just for the child but for his or her parents. The scars from an event like this can be not just emotional, but physical. This feeling can be amplified if the injuries are caused by responsible parties neglecting their responsibilities to keep the playground safe.

It may fall to attorneys, such as the dedicated lawyers at our law firm, Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP, to hold those people accountable.

Making Sure Everyone Gets A Fair Shake

It's no secret that kidscan be rambunctious when they are at the playground, but the fact remains that playgrounds need to be safe enough to handle these kids and their activities. Children may not realize when a piece of playground equipment is broken or dangerous, so it falls to the school, park board or other operator of the playground to make sure that equipment is not used.

Playground liability is a serious issue, and if kids are hurt through no fault of their own, they and their families should be fairly compensated. Personal injury attorneys can assist people to get the compensation they deserve.

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