Slip and Fall Accidents

It's Their Duty, and Our Law

In New Jersey, all businesses and government facilities have a legal duty to provide safe and secure premises to prevent injuries to their employees, patrons and visitors.

When entities fail to observe these duties - for instance, by failing to clear an icy parking lot or allowing an object to fall from a height - people can be physically injured and financially damaged. They can also be negligent by failing to warn of potential hazards.

Goldstein & Goldstein, in East Orange, New Jersey, has spent three decades representing clients successfully in premises liability cases. If you have been injured at a business, in a public place or at a private home through no fault of your own, contact a qualified attorney to secure the money you need to pay medical bills, therapy expenses, replace lost income, compensate you for your pain and suffering and return you to financial, physical and emotional health.

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Newark Slip-and-Fall Attorney

One of the most common premises liability situations our office handles involves a person who experiences a slip and fall on a slippery surface or trip and fall over an obstacle. Such impediments can include:

  • Spilled cooking oil on a restaurant floor
  • A freshly mopped floor at a supermarket
  • An upturned rug at the entrance of a retail store
  • The broken surface of a city sidewalk
  • An uneven sidewalk

Goldstein & Goldstein has more than 30 years' experience with these types of cases, and can help clients achieve the maximum recoveries possible.

Essex County Premises Liability Attorney

Whether the venue was a supermarket or a restaurant can affect an injured person's potential recovery:

  • Supermarkets have the duty to inspect and frequently verify their premises are safe. They bear a burden to prove they have procedures in place that ensure this safety.
  • Retail stores, by contrast, have a lesser burden and are sometimes more difficult to pin down in premises liability situations.

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