Unsafe Sidewalks

Your Ally in Recovering Pavement-Fall Damages

If you suffered an injury from a broken or uneven sidewalk or other paved surface in the state of New Jersey, you have legal recourse to get financial compensation for your injuries and damages.

Goldstein & Goldstein, in East Orange, New Jersey, has vast and deep experience assisting clients with holding accountable businesses, property owners and government entities that have a legal duty to provide safe premises for visitors.

Bad things can happen when responsible parties fail to protect the public from avoidable hazards. Bones break, ligaments tear and hard impacts can damage soft tissues. Concussions and other head injuries are not uncommon when a fall leads to a "head bounce" on hard pavement.

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Essex County Pothole Accident Attorney

Determining who is responsible for a fall on pavement depends on who owns the property. Conclusions aren't always immediately obvious.

For instance, if the pavement is adjacent to a commercial property, then the owner is likely to be liable for any damages a person sustains. By contrast, if the pavement is in a residential neighborhood, the city government is likely to owe damages.

If you were injured due to a pothole, crevasse, icy sidewalk, unsafe sidewalk or other pavement anomaly on New Jersey soil, Goldstein & Goldstein can help you determine the responsible parties and hold them accountable for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and inconvenience, among other damages.

Pulling the NJPLIGA on Bankrupt Insurers

If the property owner's insurer is bankrupt, a state-run fund known as the New Jersey Property-Liability Insurance Guaranty Association (NJPLIGA) may be able to compensate you for your injuries.

Our law office has more than 30 years' experience helping clients in Newark, Essex County and other New Jersey communities obtain just compensation. Please remember, timed deadlines can affect premises-related injury claims, so it is important to act sooner, and not later, to recover your losses. You might not legally have the option later.

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