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December 2012 Archives

New Jersey driver received verdict in car accident

Ambien is a drug that helps people to fight a sleeping disorder called insomnia. This drug is only available by prescription and can seriously impair a person's thinking and reactions. After taking Ambien at night, a person should wait at least four hours after they wake up in the morning before they operate a vehicle or use heavy machinery.

New Jersey worker crushed to death

Naturally, people need jobs to provide for the needs of their families. However, sometimes accidents cannot be avoided, and the work environment is no exception. Workplace accidents may happen in different places such as construction sites, warehouses, stores and offices. When a workplace injury accident occurs, a worker may sustain a back injury, crush injury, occupational disease or even death.

Unsafe premises may lead to slip-and-fall accidents

In Essex County, New Jersey, residents go to shopping malls, groceries and other public places. Residents expect that their visit on the premises will always be safe. It is the property owner's responsibility to secure the area and remove all potential hazards to the public. A slip-and-fall accident is one of the many accidents that may occur inside shopping malls and groceries. A freshly mopped floor and icy sidewalks may lead customers to trip and sustain serious injuries.