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March 2013 Archives

Truck accident ends a life in New Jersey

Trucks often pose enormous threats to other drivers and pedestrians. In New Jersey, many trucks may have caused or may have been involved with truck accidents. Most truck accidents are caused by speeding and inattentive truck drivers and result in damage to property, injuries and death.

Pedestrian accident kills New Jersey woman

Pedestrians in New Jersey, including those in Newark, often face the dangers of pedestrian accidents; the elderly are particularly vulnerable. Negligent and drunk drivers may pose significant threats to local residents, even people who are simply crossing the street or walking on the sidewalks. Pedestrian accidents may occur on perilous roads and the consequences may be tragic, such as broken bones, brain damage and sometimes even death.

Thirty-three injured in accident in Essex County

Significant improvement in transportation, vehicular technology, road construction and the precise system of traffic rules cannot ensure safety and protection of all of the people on the road. A single driver's carelessness may cause trouble for others. Sometimes, disaster strikes if a car accident involves multiple vehicles although it may also be the negligence of a single person.

New Jersey boy suffers dog bite injuries

Slip-and-fall accidents, elevator accidents, dog attacks and hazardous conditions on a property can give rise to premises liability. Accordingly, some residents of Newark, New Jersey, like thousands of people across the country, sustain injuries caused by dog bites every year. These injuries may be devastating to the victim, not only physically but emotionally as well because they can lead to trauma, particularly if the victim is a child.