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May 2013 Archives

Bill helps responders hurt on the job get care and compensation

New Jersey’s first responders play a critical role in treating victims of accidents and other emergencies, often putting their lives on the line to help others. While this job is rewarding, it is also stressful and risky. Many first responders in Newark get hurt on the job because they are exposed to conditions or situations that make them vulnerable to injuries and illnesses.

Reason for concern: distracted driving causes car accidents

Deaths caused by drivers on the phone were recently found to be significantly underreported. While the dangers of distracted driving continue to be understated, several car accidents in Newark, New Jersey may be attributed to distracted motorists who are either answering their phones or replying to text messages while driving.

Fire chief causes pedestrian accident injury to local woman

Off-duty fire and police officials are also expected, like all citizens of New Jersey, to follow proper and safe driving protocols. Even officers are liable to criminal and civil charges when they cause a pedestrian accident injury or death to bystanders or pedestrians crossing in the crosswalk.

Dump truck claims life of pedestrian in New Jersey accident

New Jersey is one of the country's most urbanized areas. Its proximity to New York and Philadelphia makes it a major trade hub as well as an exporter of manpower to its neighbors. Unfortunately, along with the high level of activity and traffic, pedestrian accidents sometimes occur.