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June 2013 Archives

Multiple-car New Jersey accident injures five people

Safely operating a motor vehicle requires being sober any time when on the road. Unfortunately, one multiple motor vehicle accident in East Amwell demonstrates that fact as it recently sent five people, including two children, to area hospitals.

Dog bite claims total almost half billion dollars

Most New Jersey residents view dogs as adorable and well-loved companions. However, under the right circumstances any dog will bite, which may end up causing serious injuries to the victim. These injuries cost property owners and their insurance carriers significant amounts of money. In 2012, the dollar amount of claims for dog bites to people and other dogs increased by more than half of was reported in 2003. Dog bites represented almost a third of all the money paid out for liability claims -- and those are just the documented claims.

Pointers for avoiding accidents in and around the pool

Summer is here again and swimming pools will be in demand these next few months. Swimming pool owners, though, need to be aware of premises liability and know that the slightest bit of negligence can lead to accidents around or in the pool.

Truck accident kills one and another person in critical condition

Authorities in Newark always warn motorists to drive with caution around larger commercial trucks. The size and power of these commercial vehicles can easily overwhelm any smaller passenger vehicles. A collision can result in life-threatening injuries and the possible death of a loved one. Such horrible commercial vehicle accidents occur often on New Jersey's highways, including the following recently-received report.