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September 2013 Archives

Premises liability: woman dies after a building collapsed

Premises liability claims may arise following the injury or death of a person inside a property, whether private or public. New Jersey residents probably recognize these premises liability claims in the form of incidents where people suffered injuries due to a dog bite, elevator accident or slip-and-fall accident. In such cases, property owners can be held liable for damages if a victim files a legal claim alleging negligence on the property owners' part.

Police officer suffers from injuries in a car accident

A driver's negligence is probably the most common cause of a car accident in the United States. A driver who sends text messages while driving and fails to comply with traffic laws is considered a negligent driver. If a motor vehicle accident occurs, factors such as distracted driving are often scrutinized, which will determine if the driver was negligent. This could also determine if the driver is also liable for the victim's compensation.

An elevator accident can cause serious, or even fatal, injuries

Property owners are expected to maintain their premises free from hazards that can cause injuries to visitors. In Newark, New Jersey, a slip-and-fall accident is one of the most common forms of premises liability. This could occur if the property owner or the management fails to address certain issues such as a wet floor, which could result in an accident and could cause injuries.

Worker fatalities on the job decline overall

One of the biggest challenges for safety authorities here in Newark, New Jersey, is making sure that work environments are safe for all workers. There had been many reported and documented cases of workers who have been hurt on the job throughout New Jersey. These cases are prompting local agencies and safety advocacy groups to heighten their efforts.