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February 2014 Archives

Bus-truck accident kills New Jersey bus driver

The mass, size and power of a truck poses a danger to any person on the road. Unfortunately, some truck drivers underestimate the potential danger of a commercial vehicle to other people on the road. These irresponsible drivers remain a threat to public safety.

Mobile app company faces lawsuit after pedestrian accident

Distractions while driving can divert a motorist's attention from the road. As mobile phones became more advanced, smart phone apps can become additional distractions for drivers.

Improper passing of school bus contributes to car accident

School bus safety is not the sole responsibility of Newark, New Jersey, bus drivers and bus passengers. Other drivers sharing the road are obligated to help maintain the school bus safety by stopping at least 25 feet away from a stopped school bus to allow passengers to safely enter or exit the bus. If this safety rule is ignored, the lives of the students might be in a great danger.