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August 2014 Archives

What is workers' compensation and how can it help workers?

Despite workplace safety standards that benefit from technological advances, workers still get injured on the job. For workers and their families, this can be a very difficult time. Besides the physical and emotional pain of being injured, there are also the financial repercussions to worry about. Fortunately, most New Jersey employers provide workers' compensation benefits to their employees if they get injured.

Distracted driving tied to over a million New Jersey auto crashes

The introduction of technology, such as smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, has certainly made life a lot easier and more exciting for some people. However, for people who use this technology indiscriminately while behind the wheel, life on the road certainly becomes more dangerous. Distracted driving has become a serious concern all over the country. It is no different here in New Jersey.

Pedestrian accident southwest of Newark leads to injuries

Pedestrian accidents often leave the person on foot holding the short end of the stick. Unlike a driver inside an enclosed vehicle, an unprotected pedestrian can suffer serious injuries, including brain damage, spinal injury and broken bones. Other victims may even lose their lives in a pedestrian accident. One such incident recently occurred less than a half-an-hour's drive southwest of Newark, New Jersey.

Parkway express lane accident kills 1 man and injures 3 others

An auto accident can happen in the blink of an eye. Even a split second can bring devastation; vehicles can collide and motorists can be killed or badly injured. For this reason, drivers in New Jersey should always practice safe driving and be mindful of their surroundings so they can both avoid being in and causing a motor vehicle accident.