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October 2014 Archives

Making sure NJ premises liability victims get what they deserve

New Jersey property owners are responsible for the safety of those who go enter their property, whether it is a residence or an establishment. While that may seem like a suggestion, it is actually a legal obligation for property owners. If a person is injured within their property, it can result in a premises liability lawsuit, especially when there is a clear indication of negligence on the part of the owner. However, negligence in this particular type of lawsuit is not easy to prove and it can be complicated. Fortunately, our East Orange law firm is exceptionally prepared to deal with such a legal action.

Could drug use be a factor in a fatal truck accident?

Truck accidents, as New Jersey residents are aware, often result in serious injuries and deaths. A truck accident that happened in Oklahoma but caught the attention of people across the United States several weeks ago was no exception. However, the fatal accident's investigation took a turn recently, as drug use may have been a factor in the accident.

What can NJ residents do after being injured in a car accident?

Some New Jersey residents may think that the police can sort things out after a car accident. Although New Jersey's police officers are more than able to handle such situations, they usually handle only a few aspects of a car accident, such as keeping order at the scene and filing charges. Auto accident victims, with the help of family members or friends, can take it a step further, especially if they suffer serious injuries.

Fighting for the workers' compensation benefits you deserve

New Jersey workers often give the proverbial blood, sweat and tears every time they go to work. However, the proverbial becomes literal when workers are injured or suffer occupational diseases. Unfortunately, instead of immediately receiving workers' compensation benefits to help with medical costs, lost wages and other expenses, some workers are given the runaround by employers. Our New Jersey law firm has the experience and resources to help workers get the workers' compensation benefits they rightfully deserve.

New Jersey mall balcony glass falls, injures three

Shopping malls have become an integral part of American life and culture. Nowadays, New Jersey residents can do just about everything at a mall: shop, dine, watch a movie and even get a makeover. However, despite providing a lot of services, mall owners and operators should always look after the safety of their patrons; not only as a service for those frequenting the mall itself, but simply because malls are legally obligated to keep their premises safe. Otherwise, even a simple stroll at a mall can result in injuries.