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June 2016 Archives

Vigilant traveling: stay safe this summer

For some summer travelers, school has just let out and it is time to put away the books, throw on a swim suit and lounge in the sun. Other travelers may have family in tow and an itinerary full of sightseeing destinations. And of course, there are those of us who have to travel for business rather than pleasure, even during the summer months.

New Jersey car accident deaths have increased by 11 percent

The roads in New Jersey are more dangerous than ever. According to law enforcement officials, this year's car accident death statistics are up by 11 percent when compared to the same statistics from June 2015. Two-hundred thirty-five people have died this year compared to 207 during the first half of last year.

The dangers of grinding and dry cutting

Each year, hundreds of workers die from silicosis and hundreds more are no longer able to take care of their families or themselves. Silicosis is an irreversible, disabling, incurable lung disease. Over 1 million workers in the U.S. are at risk of developing the disease, and over 14,000 have already died from it since 1968.

When children fall: Faulty windows and landlord negligence

Kids will be kids. As parents, we do our best to keep them safe. We remove suffocation risks from reach, buckle young children into car seats when driving and hold their little hands as we cross the street. But what happens when someone else fails to do their part and this failure contributes to injury or death?