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July 2016 Archives

Speeding driver charged with 2 counts of vehicular homicide

A driver was arrested and charged in the death of two men after he caused an accident speeding at 106 miles per hour. The accident happened last year in Bayonne along Route 440. The accused 24-year-old man recently pleaded not guilty to two charges of vehicular homicide.

Prom night especially dangerous on the road

The combination of young, inexperienced drivers, a multitude of distractions, and the possibility of impairing substances always make for more dangerous roads. Prom night, an important night in the lives of many teens throughout the country, can be especially deadly, as it combines these factors heavily.

Public transit accidents: When can you sue?

The use of public transit has increased substantially in the past few years, according to the American Public Transportation Association. In fact, Americans took over 10 billion trips on public transit in 2013, marking the highest number of annual trips in over five decades. Each weekday, Americans use public transit over 35 million times. While many Americans still own cars, the truth is more and more people are beginning to rely on public transportation for commuting to and from work and running errands.

Animal attack lawsuits in New Jersey

We love them, we cherish them and for some of us, they are just as important as our children. Indeed, our pets add so much happiness to our lives, but it is important for New Jersey residents to remember that pets are also animals. As such, they can be prone to bite and seriously injure people.

Is my landlord liable for my injury?

Landlord tenant laws often landlords to purchase insurance for damages related to tenant injuries. These insurance policies are usually necessary if a property has multiple units. The policies arm landlords with attorneys that defend them in case of a personal injury claim that is brought against them by an injured tenant.