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August 2016 Archives

Workers' compensation settlements and Medicare

Whenever injured workers are approved for compensation for their on-the-job illnesses or injuries, the biggest question on their minds is: When will I receive the money? The problem is compounded when workers' compensation insurance refuses to pay for the entire medical bill, or refuses to pay for all of the bill. In these cases, where workers' compensation refuses to pay some or all of a bill, Medicare might offer a conditional payment pending your claim's review.

Tips to stay safe on the New Jersey transit system

Trains are heavy and dangerous, and when passengers waiting to board them aren't careful, senseless accidents can happen. For this reason, the New Jersey Transit system has posted specific pieces of advice that all railway train passengers need to be aware of. Here is what the New Jersey Transit system says passengers should do to prevent catastrophic accidents from occurring:

Two things to know about slip-and-fall accidents in New Jersey

Whether slipping on ice while walking into work or losing your balance due to a slick spot at a local grocery store, slip-and-fall accidents can lead to serious injuries. Property owners are responsible for keeping their property safe, and this often includes removing hazards that could result in this type of accident.

What are the landlord-tenant requirements for window safety?

Landlords and tenants in New Jersey need to be fully aware of the laws and regulations that apply to the windows in the dwellings that they rent to the public and/or reside in. Most importantly, they need to know how laws and regulations apply to screens that prevent insects from entering the dwellings and window guards that prevent children from falling out of the dwellings.

Avoiding heat stroke at construction sites

The dangers workers encounter at New Jersey construction sites are known, and unknown, seen and unseen. The worst dangers are the ones that are unknown and unseen. One such danger relates to heat. Most workers think that a hot day is nothing to worry about -- especially if they are strong and healthy -- but everyone faces the risk of heat stroke no matter how healthy they are. It is important that workers do not overlook heat dangers to avoid suffering serious health consequences.