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September 2016 Archives

Information about workplace back injuries

An important safety challenge at all workplaces -- whether it's an office, a construction site or an amusement park -- is the prevention of serious back injuries. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that over 1 million employees contract back injuries as a result of their employment each year. Furthermore, a fourth of workers' compensation claims are for back-related injuries. In this respect, back injuries cost employers billions of dollars each year, in addition to all the pain and mobility issues suffered by the employees who have the injuries.

Slip-and-fall accident: 3 areas to consider when negotiating an award

A recent slip-and-fall case is bringing attention to the many layers that are present in these legal matters. In this situation, the restaurant admitted fault, but disputed how much damages the victim should be awarded.

3 big distractions that cause truck accidents

A truck driver spends so many hours, days, weeks and years behind the wheel of his or her vehicle that eventually the truck driver becomes almost too confident in how easy it is to drive it. This is when distracted driving can become a problem as the over-confident driver takes risks by eating food, texting with friends and engaging in other activities that no one should think about doing while operating big rig.

New Jersey employers are liable for on-the-job injuries

If you are an employee of a business, then that business is clearly profiting from your labor; otherwise, they would never have hired you in the first place. Because you would not be doing your daily activities if it were not for your employer, New Jersey law views your employer as financially responsible for all costs that result from injuries associated with your labor.

Drunk driving car accidents: What are dram shop laws?

One piece of legal phrasing that many drivers have heard, but may not know exactly what it means, relates to dram shop laws. Dram shop laws allow people who were injured by drunk drivers to seek financial claims against the drinking establishments that negligently continued to serve a soon-to-be drunk driver intoxicating beverages in spite of knowing how dangerous it was.