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October 2016 Archives

35-year-old New Jersey statute offers protection to online shoppers

An old New Jersey consumer protection statute is being used to protect online shoppers from misleading advertisements. The law, which is referred to as the Truth in Consumer Contract, Warrant and Notice Act, was passed in 1981 to eradicate misleading language included in sales and marketing literature and product liability statements.

New Jersey teen killed in single-vehicle car crash

A 17-year-old male passenger died in a tragic single-vehicle crash in Mahwah, New Jersey, last Saturday evening. According to prosecutors, who are investigating how the accident may have occurred, the crash was reported to 911 operators at approximately 10:32 p.m. The force of the collision caused the teen who died to be ejected from the vehicle.

The 6 most common types of occupational disease

Some New Jersey workers expose themselves to dangerous substances that could affect their lung health every time they perform their job duties. Other workers potentially expose themselves, but they are equipped with the necessary safety procedures and equipment to prevent harm to their respiratory tracts. This article will look at the six most common types of occupational lung disease that workers and employers must do everything they can to prevent.

Keeping your property free of attractive nuisances

Most New Jersey property owners have never heard of the legal term in premises liability law, "attractive nuisance," but it is important to understand what it means if you want to keep your property free of liability dangers. An attractive nuisance refers to any kind of item or situation on a property that could potentially attract children to enter the property and get hurt. This article will discuss different kinds of attractive nuisances that are common in New Jersey and how property owners can ensure none are found on their premises.

Who will answer for the NJ transit tragedies?

The recent heartbreak of the NJ Transit crash in Hoboken, which was both devastating to a large area of property as well as tragically fatal, has brought with it a cry for greater accountability within NJ Transit authority itself. It seems that the agency has been battling a number of internal issues that have possibly contributed to the rash of technical problems it's experienced leading up to the Hoboken crash.