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December 2016 Archives

E-cigarette manufacturers under fire for exploding devices

Four New Jersey residents who suffered third-degree burns from malfunctioning e-cigarettes are seeking financial compensation from the device manufacturers. The victims say that their permanent injury lawsuits are designed to bring attention to the widespread problems with e-cigarettes and similar devices. They say that few statistics are being kept about the safety of these items -- and that users are unknowingly putting themselves at risk. The consumers are now striking back with lawsuits against retailers, distributors, and wholesale companies that sell the devices, arguing that the sellers should have known about the danger inherent in the use of the devices.

Lack of security could leave you injured

It may have crossed your mind at one point or another that a business you frequent may need additional security. Though you may have difficulty determining when an establishment should have security guards on staff, a business may have certain characteristics that could create the need of such safety measures. If you have suffered an injury at a business because the owner did not provide sufficient security, you may have cause to file a legal claim.

What are the 4 most common car crash injuries?

There are so many ways that East Orange plaintiffs can get injured in a car crash. However, the most common kinds of car crash injuries are head injuries, back injuries, neck injuries and chest injuries. These injuries can be extremely debilitating, and extremely expensive to treat. Let's take a look at them in a little more detail.

Here are 2 main reasons people pursue a premises liability suit

Many people believe those who pursue premises liability lawsuits are just greedy. Obviously, these people have never suffered negligent injuries on another person's property. The decision to take legal action against a property owner is in truth intensely personal, and in most cases, it has very little to do with financial gain.

Safety and health inspection frequently asked questions

Both company owners and employees need to know how health and safety inspections work. These are carried out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, working under the power granted them by the Act of the same name. Below are a few common questions and answers.

Sleep apnea linked to fatal train crash

Back in September, a train crashed into the platform at the Hoboken Terminal, with a 48-year-old New Jersey Transit engineer at the controls. The speed limit was just 10 miles per hour, but the train was going twice that speed at the time of the crash. Over 100 people were hurt in the wreck, and falling debris struck and killed a woman waiting on the platform.