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January 2017 Archives

Lawsuit targets Apple in personal injury car accident case

Technology behemoth Apple is being sued again for failure to prevent motorists from using their devices behind the wheel. Victims in New Jersey and other states argue that their personal injury cases are attributable to cellphone companies' unwillingness to protect the general public. Now, a driver on the West Coast is looking to block Apple from selling any more iPhones in California until the company deploys the safety measures.

Your landlord is obligated to provide a safe environment

When you applied to rent your New Jersey apartment, there were probably all sorts of requirements and tons of paperwork to fill out before you could actually move in. In fact, your experience might be like many others in the past who have said they felt like they were "signing their lives away" when all they wanted were basic, no-frills places to call home. Once you got through all the red tape, you were likely excited and happy to spend your first night in your new apartment.

Medical pot OK'd in New Jersey workers' compensation case

A landmark court ruling has determined that a New Jersey man's prescription for medical marijuana must fall under his employer's workplace injury policy. The man, who is enrolled in the state's medical marijuana program, will have his prescription pot covered by workers' compensation. This is the first decision of its kind to be handed down in the state of New Jersey. State law does not mandate that insurance cover the cost of medical marijuana, which can cost more than $500 an ounce.

Falls among the most deadly premises liability incidents

Slip-and-fall accidents are far more common in New Jersey than you might think. These premises liability cases can be related to a wet floor, icy sidewalks or other dangerous property conditions. Most of us do not think of floors as particularly dangerous structures, but industry groups report that thousands of Americans suffer dire consequences every year because of inadequate floor maintenance. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that floors and flooring materials cause upward of 2 million injuries every year! If you have been the victim of a dangerous property condition, you deserve financial compensation for your injuries and pain and suffering.

United baggage handlers get workers' compensation settlement

When most of us think about getting injured at work, we may imagine a slip or fall, or perhaps a machine-related accident. The fact is, though, that many chronic injury cases are considered for workers' compensation each year. These cases include civil litigation because of unsafe working conditions that cause workers to repeatedly lift heavy objects in an unsafe manner. That was the case for a team of United Airlines baggage handlers at Newark Liberty International Airport, who have been compensated for musculoskeletal injuries suffered on the job.