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February 2017 Archives

How does your apartment rate for habitability?

Apartment hunting in New Jersey can be lots of fun. Many people like to make a day of it, lining up several prospects in various locations and heading out with a loved one or best friend (as a second set of eyes and ears) to explore available options and create dreams and plans for the future. You might be one of the rare, lucky ones who score the perfect abode on the very first visit, or, as is more common, you may need to tour multiple residences before finding just the right one.

Are homeowners targets for premises liability suits in ice falls?

When it comes to clearing your sidewalk in the wintertime, could you be found liable in civil court for someone who slips and falls? Premises liability is a tricky topic, and homeowners need to know whether they could be held personally responsible for someone else's accident on their icy sidewalks. Today, we take the guesswork out of cleaning up your hazardous conditions and preparing for future winter weather.

Undocumented workers and workers' compensation

When it comes to New Jersey workers' compensation, the laws that protect undocumented workers who are injured on the job can be muddled. In fact, every state has its own requirements for paying benefits to undocumented workers who are involved in a workplace injury accident.

Salvation Army premises liability roof collapse case under way

Attorneys in New Jersey's neighbor Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, have begun courtroom proceedings to identify the responsible party in a fatal building collapse in 2013. The premises liability case relates to the collapse of an unsupported brick wall that fell and crushed employees and patrons at the Salvation Army thrift shop in downtown Philadelphia in June of that year. Six people suffered fatal injuries in the incident, and a total of 19 people were buried in the rubble.