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March 2017 Archives

What does a workers' compensation claim look like in New Jersey?

What does the process look like for submitting a workplace injury claim in New Jersey? When you are looking for help from a workers' compensation claim, the regulations and requirements may seem overwhelming. The fact that the process seems difficult should not dissuade you from seeking the money you need and deserve - instead, consider seeking the assistance of a qualified team of attorneys. Today, we explain some of those confusing details to get you started on your workplace injury accident claim.

Older Americans more likely to suffer personal injury falls

We all have heard of slips, trips, and falls when it comes to premises liability cases. What we may not know is the effect that these falls have for those who are particularly vulnerable to personal injury, including elderly populations. In fact, new information shows that elderly victims are more likely than ever to suffer from concussions and other brain-related injuries when they fall down.

What's the deal with Airbnb and premises liability?

What are your legal rights if you are harmed during an Airbnb or other home-sharing stay? Although it may seem like these facilities are entirely safe and regulated, the fact is that premises liability and hazardous conditions simply cannot always be avoided. In fact, New Jersey is taking on a new legal mission to provide additional protection for travelers who rest their heads on Airbnb pillows.

Controversy surfaces around OSHA violation fines increases

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, increased its penalties in January in an effort to thwart willful negligence affecting workers' welfare in New Jersey and throughout the nation. However, this increase has led to some legal controversy, as OSHA is perceived as violating workers' compensation mandates in the OSH Act. Now, state OSHA plans are complaining about new regulations, arguing that employers have the right to challenge penalties up to $126,000 that may have been imposed because of unsafe working conditions.

Distracted drivers pushing personal injury rates to new heights

Think distracted driving deaths are dropping in New Jersey and other states because of regulations designed to protect motorists? Not so fast - those improvements were seen during the early years of distracted driving litigation, but new statistics show that personal injury from this dangerous practice is back on the rise. The U.S. Department of Transportation reported that about 25 percent of crashes nationwide were attributable to distracted driving.