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Car Accidents Archives

Prom night especially dangerous on the road

The combination of young, inexperienced drivers, a multitude of distractions, and the possibility of impairing substances always make for more dangerous roads. Prom night, an important night in the lives of many teens throughout the country, can be especially deadly, as it combines these factors heavily.

What charges can New Jersey drivers face for drunk driving?

On the busy streets of New Jersey, an act of negligence can cause serious injury or even death to other motorists. Drunk driving is one of these negligent acts. Intoxicated driving is one of the more common causes of car accidents in New Jersey, as well as across the entire nation. It is in the best interest of any driver to know the basic drunk driving laws, and even penalties, so that they can avoid a car accident and its legal penalties.

What can NJ residents do after being injured in a car accident?

Some New Jersey residents may think that the police can sort things out after a car accident. Although New Jersey's police officers are more than able to handle such situations, they usually handle only a few aspects of a car accident, such as keeping order at the scene and filing charges. Auto accident victims, with the help of family members or friends, can take it a step further, especially if they suffer serious injuries.

Distracted driving tied to over a million New Jersey auto crashes

The introduction of technology, such as smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, has certainly made life a lot easier and more exciting for some people. However, for people who use this technology indiscriminately while behind the wheel, life on the road certainly becomes more dangerous. Distracted driving has become a serious concern all over the country. It is no different here in New Jersey.

Parkway express lane accident kills 1 man and injures 3 others

An auto accident can happen in the blink of an eye. Even a split second can bring devastation; vehicles can collide and motorists can be killed or badly injured. For this reason, drivers in New Jersey should always practice safe driving and be mindful of their surroundings so they can both avoid being in and causing a motor vehicle accident.

Speeding causes car accident, leaves four people injured

Most people know that speeding is illegal while on a public highway. Speeding is one of the most common traffic violations in New Jersey. It is also one of the most dangerous violations, since a speeding vehicle can cause so much damage if an accident occurs. A recent car accident west of Newark provides a cautionary tale.

Driver that left bicyclist after fatal car accident surrenders

Many motorists in New Jersey know that reckless driving can put many lives at risk. Unfortunately, some negligent drivers involved in accidents also leave the scene, endangering the lives of their helpless victim.