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personal injury Archives

Why are child passengers safer in some states than others?

Responsible parents would like to believe that their kids are equally safe in their vehicles no matter where they live. However, a recent study by Brigham and Women's Hospital found a considerable difference among states in the percentage of fatal accidents involving children.

How pedestrians and drivers can protect themselves from accidents

In New Jersey, all motorists are required to stop for pedestrians walking inside of marked crosswalks under state statute 39:4-36. Anyone who fails to do so faces a two-point deduction on his or her license, a $200 fine, insurance premium increases and up to 15 days of community service.

Postal carriers' injury increasing from dog bites

On the heels of National Dog Bite Week in April, discussing injury related to dog bites and postal workers simply makes sense. One of the most vulnerable victims for personal injury from dog bites is your postal worker. Postal Service representatives rank just behind senior citizens and children when it comes to frequency of dog bites. Now, with increasing rates of package delivery throughout the nation, postal workers suffer a growing risk of permanent injury because of dog bites.

Man dies after being hit by New Jersey train

A man suffered fatal injuries when he was struck by a light rail train on April 21. The victim, who was struck while walking along an isolated section of the tracks in Jersey City, was likely trespassing at the time of the incident. Official reports have not yet revealed the man's age or identity.

Dog bites not the only way animals cause personal injury

Do you think area dog owners should have increased liability when it comes to dog bite injuries? Some personal injury victims' advocates say that those who have suffered from dog bites deserve better protection in New Jersey's neighboring state of New York. So, what happens when man's best friend turns out to be a big nightmare? Let's find out.

Older Americans more likely to suffer personal injury falls

We all have heard of slips, trips, and falls when it comes to premises liability cases. What we may not know is the effect that these falls have for those who are particularly vulnerable to personal injury, including elderly populations. In fact, new information shows that elderly victims are more likely than ever to suffer from concussions and other brain-related injuries when they fall down.

Distracted drivers pushing personal injury rates to new heights

Think distracted driving deaths are dropping in New Jersey and other states because of regulations designed to protect motorists? Not so fast - those improvements were seen during the early years of distracted driving litigation, but new statistics show that personal injury from this dangerous practice is back on the rise. The U.S. Department of Transportation reported that about 25 percent of crashes nationwide were attributable to distracted driving.

Lawsuit targets Apple in personal injury car accident case

Technology behemoth Apple is being sued again for failure to prevent motorists from using their devices behind the wheel. Victims in New Jersey and other states argue that their personal injury cases are attributable to cellphone companies' unwillingness to protect the general public. Now, a driver on the West Coast is looking to block Apple from selling any more iPhones in California until the company deploys the safety measures.

E-cigarette manufacturers under fire for exploding devices

Four New Jersey residents who suffered third-degree burns from malfunctioning e-cigarettes are seeking financial compensation from the device manufacturers. The victims say that their permanent injury lawsuits are designed to bring attention to the widespread problems with e-cigarettes and similar devices. They say that few statistics are being kept about the safety of these items -- and that users are unknowingly putting themselves at risk. The consumers are now striking back with lawsuits against retailers, distributors, and wholesale companies that sell the devices, arguing that the sellers should have known about the danger inherent in the use of the devices.