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Premises Liability Archives

Man files premises liability suit because of mannequin scare

If you opened your hotel room door to find a person standing in a dark corner, you would probably flee in fright. One premises liability victim did just that - and now he is seeking damages from a hotel on the Las Vegas strip because of the incident. The catch? The "person" was a decorative mannequin that was displayed in a glass case. Now, the victim is seeking financial compensation from the Planet Hollywood hotel in this highly unusual case of hazardous conditions.

Man killed, 6 injured in premises liability tree accident

Should property owners be held responsible if someone gets hurt by a falling tree limb on their property? That is just one of many questions to arise after a premises liability accident on Mother's Day in Passaic, New Jersey. A "flash storm" incident left one man dead and several others injured after lightning struck a tree and caused branches to fall on the victims.

Man claims premises liability fall at store left him injured

Grocery stores can prove perilous if their floors are not properly cleaned or the premises properly maintained. Victims in New Jersey and other states can suffer serious injury, leading to premises liability suits, simply because they slip and fall on a wet floor in a store. One Midwestern man is seeking financial compensation from Save-A-Lot Food Stores, a popular nationwide retailer, because of just such a wet floor.

What's the deal with Airbnb and premises liability?

What are your legal rights if you are harmed during an Airbnb or other home-sharing stay? Although it may seem like these facilities are entirely safe and regulated, the fact is that premises liability and hazardous conditions simply cannot always be avoided. In fact, New Jersey is taking on a new legal mission to provide additional protection for travelers who rest their heads on Airbnb pillows.

Are homeowners targets for premises liability suits in ice falls?

When it comes to clearing your sidewalk in the wintertime, could you be found liable in civil court for someone who slips and falls? Premises liability is a tricky topic, and homeowners need to know whether they could be held personally responsible for someone else's accident on their icy sidewalks. Today, we take the guesswork out of cleaning up your hazardous conditions and preparing for future winter weather.

Salvation Army premises liability roof collapse case under way

Attorneys in New Jersey's neighbor Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, have begun courtroom proceedings to identify the responsible party in a fatal building collapse in 2013. The premises liability case relates to the collapse of an unsupported brick wall that fell and crushed employees and patrons at the Salvation Army thrift shop in downtown Philadelphia in June of that year. Six people suffered fatal injuries in the incident, and a total of 19 people were buried in the rubble.

Your landlord is obligated to provide a safe environment

When you applied to rent your New Jersey apartment, there were probably all sorts of requirements and tons of paperwork to fill out before you could actually move in. In fact, your experience might be like many others in the past who have said they felt like they were "signing their lives away" when all they wanted were basic, no-frills places to call home. Once you got through all the red tape, you were likely excited and happy to spend your first night in your new apartment.

Falls among the most deadly premises liability incidents

Slip-and-fall accidents are far more common in New Jersey than you might think. These premises liability cases can be related to a wet floor, icy sidewalks or other dangerous property conditions. Most of us do not think of floors as particularly dangerous structures, but industry groups report that thousands of Americans suffer dire consequences every year because of inadequate floor maintenance. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that floors and flooring materials cause upward of 2 million injuries every year! If you have been the victim of a dangerous property condition, you deserve financial compensation for your injuries and pain and suffering.

Here are 2 main reasons people pursue a premises liability suit

Many people believe those who pursue premises liability lawsuits are just greedy. Obviously, these people have never suffered negligent injuries on another person's property. The decision to take legal action against a property owner is in truth intensely personal, and in most cases, it has very little to do with financial gain.

Keeping customers safe during the Black Friday extravaganza

On the day after Thanksgiving, huge crowds will line up outside of storefronts in order to find the best deals they can for the holiday season. The situation can get especially dangerous when crowd conditions are not properly managed. In fact, there have been incidents where customers have died in Black Friday stampedes.