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Workers' Compensation Archives

Work accident victim suffers 30-foot fall at NFL Draft

A New Jersey employee is recovering from job-related injuries after falling from the roof of a stage during the NFL Draft. The 27-year-old man may be eligible for workers' compensation because of injuries associated with the fall. He suffered broken ribs and a lacerated spleen, according to official reports. The injuries occurred in Philadelphia, but the man is employed by a company based in New Jersey.

Amtrak conductor seeking workers' compensation after fall

An Amtrak conductor is seeking financial damages after a workplace injury accident left her with serious injuries while unloading baggage. The New Jersey woman is seeking workers' compensation after she suffered spinal injuries, experienced a concussion and lost teeth in the train's baggage car. The 58-year-old employee is seeking financial damages of more than $150,000 in connection with the incident.

Slip-and-fall work accident victims deserve compensation

What types of injuries do you typically associate with the manufacturing industry in New Jersey? Workers' compensation claims probably come down the pipeline for machine-related wounds - but the fact is that slips, trips and falls are also much more common than you might think. Employers are responsible for keeping their workers safe from the permanent disability that can result from a slip-and-fall accident - here is how they can make the workplace safer for their valued employees.

What does a workers' compensation claim look like in New Jersey?

What does the process look like for submitting a workplace injury claim in New Jersey? When you are looking for help from a workers' compensation claim, the regulations and requirements may seem overwhelming. The fact that the process seems difficult should not dissuade you from seeking the money you need and deserve - instead, consider seeking the assistance of a qualified team of attorneys. Today, we explain some of those confusing details to get you started on your workplace injury accident claim.

Controversy surfaces around OSHA violation fines increases

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, increased its penalties in January in an effort to thwart willful negligence affecting workers' welfare in New Jersey and throughout the nation. However, this increase has led to some legal controversy, as OSHA is perceived as violating workers' compensation mandates in the OSH Act. Now, state OSHA plans are complaining about new regulations, arguing that employers have the right to challenge penalties up to $126,000 that may have been imposed because of unsafe working conditions.

Undocumented workers and workers' compensation

When it comes to New Jersey workers' compensation, the laws that protect undocumented workers who are injured on the job can be muddled. In fact, every state has its own requirements for paying benefits to undocumented workers who are involved in a workplace injury accident.

Medical pot OK'd in New Jersey workers' compensation case

A landmark court ruling has determined that a New Jersey man's prescription for medical marijuana must fall under his employer's workplace injury policy. The man, who is enrolled in the state's medical marijuana program, will have his prescription pot covered by workers' compensation. This is the first decision of its kind to be handed down in the state of New Jersey. State law does not mandate that insurance cover the cost of medical marijuana, which can cost more than $500 an ounce.

United baggage handlers get workers' compensation settlement

When most of us think about getting injured at work, we may imagine a slip or fall, or perhaps a machine-related accident. The fact is, though, that many chronic injury cases are considered for workers' compensation each year. These cases include civil litigation because of unsafe working conditions that cause workers to repeatedly lift heavy objects in an unsafe manner. That was the case for a team of United Airlines baggage handlers at Newark Liberty International Airport, who have been compensated for musculoskeletal injuries suffered on the job.

Safety and health inspection frequently asked questions

Both company owners and employees need to know how health and safety inspections work. These are carried out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, working under the power granted them by the Act of the same name. Below are a few common questions and answers.