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Is your child's day care filled with happy faces or red flags?

As a parent of a toddler in New Jersey, you are likely in the same boat as many other parents who have to work to provide for all their children's needs. If you are not fortunate enough to have other family members who can care for your child while you are at work, the only other option might be day care. However, finding a facility at which your child will receive loving care and education in a safe and healthy environment can be a challenge.

Unsafe conditions at day care can lead to serious injuries, particularly if the facility is in a home. Many household items can be hazardous, and children must have constant supervision. Nobody wants even to consider the possibility of injuries that might lead to a day care liability lawsuit.

You can get up and fight if you were thrown off the gym treadmill

Have you suffered an injury while exercising at the gym where you spend many hours and thousands of dollars on your membership? Just like any other New Jersey business, gym owners must protect patrons from suffering injuries. Sadly, that is not always the case, and you may not be aware that there are many other victims of gym injuries.

Are you unsure about your right to seek recovery of damages? You may have questions about the gym's liability for your injuries. This is a complicated field of the law, and several factors will come into play.

Is my landlord responsible for my losses?

When renting a home or an apartment, one expects the property to be safe. It is unfortunate that some New Jersey residents end up renting properties that someone maintained poorly or are in unsafe neighborhoods. If you are a tenant who has experienced losses due to crime or an accident on the property, your landlord may be responsible for your losses.

Landlords have rather difficult jobs. It is not easy to keep tenants happy all the time. At the end of the day, it is not about keeping tenants happy, though; it is about keeping the property safe for use. If a landlord fails in his or her responsibility, tenants have every right to pursue legal actions.

Steps to take after a slip-and-fall accident

Property owners in New Jersey must provide safe surroundings for tenants and visitors. This not only applies to stores but also apartment buildings and any other facilities. If you rent an apartment, your landlord must take reasonable care of maintenance and immediately repair any hazards that could cause injuries.

Any injuries that you or other tenants suffer due to the negligence of a landlord could lead to premises liability lawsuits. Circumstances that could cause you to slip and fall include wet and slippery walkways or floors inside and outside buildings. Damaged staircases or missing handrails can also cause falls, especially when the lighting is insufficient.

Insufficient safety at a hotel could be grounds for a civil claim

When you stay at a New Jersey hotel, you have a reasonable expectation to safety while on the premises. However, accidents and incidents do happen, and if you experienced a threat to your well-being or suffered an injury in an accident while staying at a hotel, you could have grounds for a civil claim.

When issues beyond your control, such as wet floors, dangerous stairs or other factors, lead to personal injury, the hotel could be liable for what you suffered. It can be beneficial to seek an understanding of your legal options, which could include pursuing compensation for your pain and suffering.

Coaches and schools must prioritize safety

It is back-to-school time for kids around New Jersey. That means kids are gearing up for the classroom, sure, but it also means fall sports. Whether your child likes football or soccer, volleyball or cross-country, it is important that schools and athletic institutions follow certain safety rules.


Mobile crane accidents increasing with construction projects

While there are many benefits to the continued rise in construction in New Jersey, one side effect is the proliferation of construction vehicles on New Jersey roads. Unfortunately, this can lead to more than just traffic congestion. While the majority of these vehicles arrive safely to their destination, the sad truth is that accidents involving large construction vehicles often involve devastating injury.

This is particularly true of mobile cranes, which are increasingly being used on residential and commercial development projects throughout New Jersey.

Get help to navigate the complex world of workers' compensation

Workers' compensation is unlike many other disability programs -- and many employees aren't well-informed about the type of benefits that are available.

Here are some important facts that you need to know about your right to compensation and benefits if you've been injured on the job:

Think twice before you get in that hotel hot tub

Looking forward to your vacation? That's awesome -- but you might want to save a little money and skip the hotel with the hot tub in favor of something a little less dangerous -- like swimming with sharks.

Seriously. Hot tubs are some of the least healthiest places to put your skin. If the fact that there's even an infectious disease (complete with pus-filled blisters) called "hot tub rash" isn't enough to dissuade you, maybe the following information will help:

  • Another common bacteria found in the warm waters of hot tubs is Legionella, which causes the potentially fatal lung condition known as Legionnaires' disease. The bacteria is carried up from the steam or mist of an infected tub -- meaning you don't even have to get in a tub to get sick.
  • Any hot tub you share with others is almost guaranteed to contain fecal matter swept off the skin of the participants. No matter how close you are to your friends, you probably don't care to share quite that much.
  • Even a properly disinfected hot tub is often no match for the personal beauty care products that most people wear. Lotions, creams, sunscreen and more all affect the disinfectant's ability to properly function.
  • It takes a tremendous amount of chlorine to shock the bacteria into submission -- if you're dipping your body into that chlorine, you may be damaging your skin. Even then, the chlorine may not kill a couple types of parasites that are capable of causing diarrhea for weeks at a time.
  • Staph infections are common as a result of hot tub use. Any small open wound, even a paper cut, can be the entry point for an antibiotic-resistant infection.

Seek help for repetitive strain injuries to your neck

What's behind that constant headache that seems to be with you every night? Why are you losing strength in your grip and feeling numbness in your fingers?

You may be suffering from an injury to your neck without even knowing it. Many people brush off the warning signs of a neck injury because they simply don't realize the amount of damage that can be done through years of repetitive motion while on the job.

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