A story about a commercial truck accident rarely has a pleasant ending, and a truck accident that occurred last week in Newark is a prime example. The crash took one person’s life and left two others injured.

A minivan was reportedly split in half when it was hit by a plumbing truck at the intersection of Springfield and Morris avenues. The two sections of the 1997 Plymouth Voyager were left nearly 50 yards away from each other after the collision. The wreckage was so far flung that police were unsure of the direction of travel for either of the vehicles.

A passenger in the plumbing truck was killed in the crash, and each driver was taken to the hospital for treatment. The survivors’ injuries were not thought to be life-threatening.

The cause of the accident was still under investigation at the time of a local report, and it would appear that police were having some difficulty in determining who might have been at fault. Nonetheless, the victims or their family members need to be aware of their rights and responsibilities. If negligence on the part of either driver played a role in the crash, then there may be grounds for a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Such legal actions may require statements from witnesses as well as a thorough reconstruction of the accident. One witness of this crash claimed he heard a “boom” and then “saw the truck barreling through.” A mechanic in the area pointed out that vehicles are no longer built with a single frame, so a minivan such as the one destroyed here may split in half if hit hard at a certain angle.

These issues and more may come up in court if any of the victims choose to file a civil claim for damages.

Source: NJ.com, “1 dead, 2 injured in Newark after truck smashes through minivan,” David Giambusso, Sept. 14, 2012