A recent deadly accident involving a dump truck in Robbinsville underscores the significant damage, disruption and loss of life that can result from accidents involving large commercial vehicles.

The New Jersey Turnpike has seen its share of serious traffic accidents, but the recent collision and subsequent fire in Robbinsville were definitely not the norm. Referring to the exact location of the fatal crash, the Robbinsville Fire Department Deputy Chief said it best: “It really was in the worst possible place you could imagine — the worst scenario you could come up with.”

The truck driver, for unknown reasons, swerved into a barrier under an overpass. The collision turned the truck onto its side. The vehicle’s fuel began to leak as nearby construction workers attempted to rescue the driver, but they were unsuccessful.

The fuel ignited, and an enormous blaze quickly consumed the truck and the surrounding area. Nearby travelers also noted that two wheels from the truck broke loose and flew down the highway. Luckily, the construction workers who tried to help were able to get away from the scene in time, and no one else was injured.

The quick response of the local fire department and sheer luck are credited for preventing this terrible situation from becoming even worse. Whether or not negligence played a role in the crash was unknown, but the fatal accident should serve as a reminder of the death and destruction that can occur when drivers of large trucks lose control, threatening life and limb.

Source: NJ.com, “NJ Turnpike dump truck crash kills driver, causes travel delays,” Oct. 4, 2012