Ambien is a drug that helps people to fight a sleeping disorder called insomnia. This drug is only available by prescription and can seriously impair a person’s thinking and reactions. After taking Ambien at night, a person should wait at least four hours after they wake up in the morning before they operate a vehicle or use heavy machinery.

In New Jersey, a 47-year-old man was involved in a car accident recently. The report said that the driver who caused the accident had taken four times the prescribed dosage of Ambien. The man pleaded guilty for involuntary manslaughter last year. The man was recently sentenced to 41 months in prison. He was also ordered to have three years of supervised release after he got out from prison

According to reports, the driver was traveling close to the east gate of Fort Monmouth when his vehicle crossed the double-yellow line toward oncoming traffic. The man’s vehicle crashed on another automobile. The victim, who was on his way to his work, was killed in the accident.

Because the road is often full with different vehicles, car accidents are a major cause of serious injuries all over the country. Drivers have the obligation to prevent and avoid such accidents by focusing on the road and complying with traffic rules and regulations. It is also necessary that drivers be in a good health condition whenever they are driving. A sickness or lasting effects from a medication may impair a driver’s ability to operate the vehicle safely. This situation may also result in an accident which may injure other drivers or pedestrians.

In an auto accident, drivers can be responsible for damages if their negligence contributed to the crash. If that’s the case, the injured party may be eligible for compensation. They may be compensated for the medical costs and other necessary expenses needed to achieve full recovery. The family of a deceased victim may also receive a settlement on behalf of the victim in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Source: The Republic, “Motorist who overdosed on sleeping aid sentenced for fatal crash that killed school principal,” Dec. 18, 2012