Naturally, people need jobs to provide for the needs of their families. However, sometimes accidents cannot be avoided, and the work environment is no exception. Workplace accidents may happen in different places such as construction sites, warehouses, stores and offices. When a workplace injury accident occurs, a worker may sustain a back injury, crush injury, occupational disease or even death.

A recent story may interest Newark area workers and help inform them about workers’ compensation. Recently, a 50-year-old New Jersey man was killed in a workplace accident. According to reports, the accident happened at an office complex located at the Blue Hill Plaza in New York. Apparently, the workers were moving heavy equipment when a lift failed and tragically pinned the victim underneath a 1,000-pound pallet.

Emergency staff from Rockland Paramedics and police responded to the scene. The victim had no pulse when they arrived. Emergency responders used rescue bars to pull the victim from beneath the heavy pallet. Responders tried to revive him and were briefly able to bring back a weak pulse. They transported the victim to Nyack Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The accident remains under investigation by the police, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Rockland County Bureau of Criminal Investigations. Police are encouraging any witnesses to the accident to contact them.

Although there may be several reasons why work-related accidents occur, it is still an employer’s responsibility to ensure safety. Employers should always try to guarantee that workers are safe from any dangerous conditions or undue hazards that may cause injuries or accidents. If an employer fails to maintain workplace safety, that employer may be held liable for damages.

In the event of a workplace accident, the injured party can receive workers’ compensation. With this benefit, the worker may be compensated for medical expenses, rehabilitative treatment and lost wages. This support may continue until the worker has recovered from the injuries. If the accident results in a fatality, the family members of the victim may recover damages for the victim’s pain and suffering, as well as their own loss of companionship, through a wrongful death suit.

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