No matter what or who causes a workplace accident, every worker in Newark, New Jersey and across the country should know that if they are ever injured on the job, workers’ compensation may be available. Workers’ compensation can provide benefits to injured workers to cover the medical expenses and lost wages accrued as a result of workplace injury accidents. Such injuries may be sustained from unsafe working conditions, hazards or a construction site accident.

A New Jersey construction worker recently suffered an injury when he was hit by falling debris, while working on the Pulaski Skyway. According to a photographer who witnessed the incident, the crew was working underneath the skyway when a chunk of concrete plunged towards the worker who was struck, while in a bucket

Emergency personnel responded to the scene of the accident, and found the worker stuck between two beams when they arrived. Fortunately, the worker was successfully extricated from the debris. The worker was put on a backboard and taken immediately to Jersey City Medical Center. The details of his condition have not been made public.

Whenever a worker is involved in a workplace injury accident in New Jersey or any other state, it is the responsibility of Occupational Safety and Health Administration to investigate the specific incident. An OSHA investigation is required in order to know if the company failed to comply with the safety measures implemented by the agency. This set of standards was enforced to prevent work-related injuries and accidents. If a company is found be committing an OSHA violation, it has failed to address the safety of its workers and it can then be found liable for any work-related injuries or occupational diseases that occur among its staff.

No one wants to sustain an injury at work because such an incident may leave them with a permanent disability and the incapacity to provide for their loved ones. However, victims of workplace injury accidents in New Jersey need to understand their rights.

Source: The Jersey Journal, “Worker is injured when cement slab falls from underside of Pulaski Skyway,” Ron Zeitlinger, Feb. 6, 2013.