The roadway that connects Newark, New Jersey, to Linden is travelled by all types of vehicles. However, the road can be particularly dangerous to pedestrians whether they use the crosswalk or merely stroll along the side of the street. Due to negligent or distracted drivers, pedestrian accidents occur and can end in fatalities or catastrophic injuries, including brain damage and broken bones.

Take, for example, a 49-year-old pedestrian who, according to a recent report, was hit by a 2004 Honda Civic on West Elizabeth Avenue in Linden, New Jersey. The pedestrian accident victim was taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital-Rahway where he was declared dead just one hour after the crash. The 38-year-old driver of the Honda Civic was uninjured following the pedestrian accident, which remains under investigation. Police are seeking more information from anyone who may have witnessed the fatal pedestrian accident.

In cases such as this one, an investigation seeks to find the cause of the accident and other factors that may have contributed to the crash. Pedestrian accidents often involve a negligent or drunk driver who either fails to yield or disobeys multiple traffic rules and regulations. A driver’s obligation to implement reasonable care on the road under any circumstances may ultimately be included as a root cause of the pedestrian accident.

If the investigation proves that the driver’s negligence caused the injuries or fatality, the motorist may face traffic violations and other consequences. The driver may also be charged as liable for the injured party.

In the event of pedestrian accident, the injured party may wish to consult a legal professional who can aid in receiving due compensation. Victims of pedestrian accidents may be entitled to compensation for financial hardship and other damages incurred from the medical costs and serious injuries resulting from the accident. Such compensation may bear the expenses and other costs related to the victim’s recovery. If the accident is fatal, family members of the victim may also want to seek professional legal advice in order to serve the faulty party with a wrongful death lawsuit.

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