Three adults were recently transported to a New Jersey hospital for medical treatment following a midmorning mishap between a tractor-trailer and a sport utility vehicle. The truck accident occurred in a township in New Jersey.

According to a local fire department chief, the accident left two women stuck in the SUV until rescue personnel could extricate them from the vehicle. The women were transported to South Jersey Healthcare-Regional Hospital where they were treated for minor injuries, according to the fire captain. A third woman, a passenger in the SUV, refused medical treatment at the scene. The truck’s driver was also taken to the same hospital by a different emergency unit; he also had minor injuries.

The tractor-trailer’s fuel tank had been ruptured in the accident. Responders capped the tank and removed approximately 20 gallons of spilled fuel. The cause of the truck accident was unavailable.

Although this truck accident led to mild injuries, a collision between a truck and a passenger vehicle often has more severe consequences. Commercial truck accidents are often likely to cause serious injuries and fatalities because of the sheer size difference between a truck and other vehicles. Also, factors such as speeding and disobeying traffic signals can often lead to accidents. If any of these actions contribute to an accident and were committed by a truck driver, then the truck driver may be liable for a wide range of damages.

Every truck accident case is unique, which is why compensation depends not only on the injuries and damages sustained but also the state where an accident occurs. In many cases, truck accident victims have the right to compensation for physical and financial losses.

Source:, “Two entrapped, diesel tank ruptured in Lawrence Township tractor-trailer accident,” Lauren T. Taniguchi, Feb. 4, 2013