Slip-and-fall accidents, elevator accidents, dog attacks and hazardous conditions on a property can give rise to premises liability. Accordingly, some residents of Newark, New Jersey, like thousands of people across the country, sustain injuries caused by dog bites every year. These injuries may be devastating to the victim, not only physically but emotionally as well because they can lead to trauma, particularly if the victim is a child.

Recently in Woodbury, New Jersey, a Rottweiler attacked a 12-year-old boy. The Rottweiler jumped over a backyard fence and bit the victim’s elbow. The child sustained injuries and needed to undergo minor surgery. He required almost 100 stitches. According to the Woodbury Police Department, the Rottweiler was inside its owner’s backyard behind the locked fence prior to the incident.

Animal control was also informed about the dog attack. A police official stated that the dog-owner may face charges for allowing the dog to run freely. The owner has been cooperative throughout the investigation, but charges are still pending.

This case serves as a reminder of dog owners’ responsibility for their pets, specifically the duty to ensure the protection of other people against dog attacks. Such duties include determining whether the dog has dangerous tendencies and taking appropriate steps to prevent the dog from attacking others. Failure to take such precautions may make the dog-owner liable for any injuries and damages sustained in an attack.

Victims of dog attacks may experience financial loss and emotional damage as a result of the incident, and they may have the right to receive compensation. Compensation can cover medical expenses as well as other related costs for the victim to achieve recovery. Awards for pain and suffering might also be granted.

Source:, “Woodbury boy receives 100 stitches after dog bite,” Jason Laday, Feb. 16, 2013