New Jersey is one of the country’s most urbanized areas. Its proximity to New York and Philadelphia makes it a major trade hub as well as an exporter of manpower to its neighbors. Unfortunately, along with the high level of activity and traffic, pedestrian accidents sometimes occur.

In one recent accident, an hour south of Newark in Toms River, a man was struck and killed in a fatal pedestrian accident as he was crossing Route 37 very early in the morning. The 47-year-old man was struck by a dump truck headed west. According to police, this is the fourth fatal accident in the area this year. It is also the second that involves the death of a pedestrian. Police and traffic safety officers, along with other authorities, are continuing investigations in the area.

Drivers of large vehicles like dump trucks and other commercial trucks are required to have adequate training to learn how to avoid pedestrians and other smaller vehicles while on the road so that accidents can also be avoided. If a pedestrian is hit by a commercial truck because the driver was acting negligently or recklessly, the pedestrian may suffer serious injuries, which may even lead to death.

A knowledgeable legal professional who is experienced with the laws governing truck and other vehicular accidents may be able to help an accident victim file a claim for financial compensation and punitive damages against a negligent driver. A legal professional can provide guidance in the situation and will hopefully be able to affect the best possible outcome in the case.

Source: Toms River Patch, “Pedestrian Struck and Killed Saturday Morning in Toms River,” Aiyana Cronk, April 27, 2013