Safely operating a motor vehicle requires being sober any time when on the road. Unfortunately, one multiple motor vehicle accident in East Amwell demonstrates that fact as it recently sent five people, including two children, to area hospitals.

According to New Jersey State Police officers who were investigating the accident, a 21-year-old man driving a luxury sedan failed to stop for traffic and hit the back of an SUV. In a chain reaction, the first SUV struck a second SUV that was also stopped in traffic. It was carrying a man, woman, and two children; the woman and children were taken to the Capital Health Regional Medical Center. Information about the other victims’ conditions was not available.

Officers at the scene thought the sedan driver was under the influence and put him through field sobriety tests that he allegedly failed. He was arrested and taken to a nearby medical center for a blood alcohol draw and then transported a state police jail facility. He later was released on $10,000 bond.

Most people understand that mood- or mind-altering substances do not mix well with driving. Driving under the influence is a form of negligence, and an impaired driver risks the lives and safety of everyone on the road, including themselves and any passengers. The law allows anyone who is injured by a negligent driver to recover damages in a civil lawsuit. If the negligent driver has insurance, the company is liable to pay any damages claims up to the policy limit.

Going through the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident is challenging. In addition to emotional trauma, expenses resulting from the treatment of injuries can pile up. To claim compensation that addresses these and other expenses, victims should consider consulting an attorney who can help establish the basis for action for a personal injury claim.

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