Authorities in Newark always warn motorists to drive with caution around larger commercial trucks. The size and power of these commercial vehicles can easily overwhelm any smaller passenger vehicles. A collision can result in life-threatening injuries and the possible death of a loved one. Such horrible commercial vehicle accidents occur often on New Jersey’s highways, including the following recently-received report.

In nearby Plumsted Township, an 81-year-old man and his 78-year-old wife were the victims of a fatal truck collision when their vehicle was struck by a dump truck that was fully loaded with sand. The man was killed while his wife suffered critical injuries. The couple was travelling from another state.

According to sources, the accident happened at the intersection bordering the towns of Cream Ridge and Plumsted. The SUV driven by the victims was travelling west on County Route 537. The couple attempted to make a left turn at the intersection onto Route 539 when they were struck by the tri-axle dump truck.

The truck hit the driver side of the SUV and landed on its own passenger side on top of the victim’s vehicle. It also spilled its cargo of sand onto the SUV and the roadway. The man, who was driving the SUV, was pronounced dead on the scene while his wife was taken to a local emergency center in Trenton where she was listed in critical condition. The truck’s driver was not injured.

Investigations are still ongoing. The trucker consented to provide his blood sample for analysis. New Jersey State Police will be inspecting the truck as well to understand what happened.

Though it is unclear what caused this accident, many fatal accidents are caused by unqualified truck drivers. The results are often catastrophic for victims.

For more information about truck accidents and victim assistance, legal professionals are ready to provide the necessary help. More often than not, courts award financial compensation to victims for serious injuries and losses.

Source:, “Husband killed, wife in critical condition after Plumsted crash,” Ashley Peskoe, May 22, 2013