Drivers should not be negligent while navigating the roads. Any act of recklessness can result in an accident, which can have serious implications for both the driver and the victim.

Police are on the hunt for a car driver after a hit-and-run accident near Newark. The late-night accident happened when the victim, a 62-year-old woman, was attempting to cross the street. According to police, the driver hit the pedestrian and then fled the scene of the accident. Officers who responded to the accident found the victim lying on the street. Witnesses said that the vehicle, which some thought might have been a taxi, was a brown, tan or gold colored sedan. Police are looking for additional witnesses to come forward and shed light on the accident in an effort to identify and help seize the driver.

The victim was hospitalized in critical condition. Since pedestrians are not protected like passengers in a vehicle, the likelihood that they will suffer critical injuries during a collision is very high. As in this case, a pedestrian accident is more likely to happen during a weekend night.

Leaving the scene of an accident and not reporting it is a serious act of recklessness. In this accident, the victim suffered critical injuries, which could have led to a fatality. Drivers should be aware that any form of negligence makes them liable in a personal injury lawsuit.

Although pedestrians in New Jersey should take care to cross the road at safe places or marked crosswalks, this may not be enough to avoid an accident with a careless driver. If it is proven that the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident failed to practice due care while driving by engaging in actions such as speeding, inattention or drunk driving, the operator of the motor vehicle will be primarily responsible for the accident.

Source:, “Elizabeth woman, 62, critical after hit-and-run accident,” Tom Haydon, July 8, 2013