For Newark residents, U.S. Postal Service employees are invaluable when it comes to delivering information. While some people may assume that USPS employees have relatively safe jobs, their jobs can actually involve plenty of unsafe working conditions. Mail carriers have a good chance of being bitten by dogs, for example, and they are also prone to road accidents. However, that was not why the Department of Labor filed a complaint against the USPS.

According to the citation, the USPS has been remiss in workplace safety regarding areas that deal with maintaining electrical work in the organization’s plants. The agency has addressed this and the USPS has agreed that they will provide training, protective gear and revise policies and procedures for employees who handle electrical work in their plants. Additionally, USPS must meet with the American Postal Workers Union and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to discuss compliance.

The original citation obligates USPS to pay millions of dollars for safety violations. With the settlement, the USPS has to pay $100,000 initially. Another fine worth $3 million will be suspended once OSHA confirms the USPS has met the terms of the agreement within two years.

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Source: Federal Times, “USPS agrees to multimillion-dollar settlement over alleged dangers,” Sean Reilly, July 1, 2013