There were 4,609 deaths in 2011 from workplace-related accidents in the United States. This number translates to 3.5 deaths for every 100,000 full-time employees. This goes to show that injuries and death at work here in Newark, New Jersey, and across the country are a very serious matter. That is also why workers’ compensation benefits are necessary for any job in order to protect employees in case of accidents and injuries.

There is not one job or profession that is safe from accidents or illnesses. Surprisingly, industries known for high fatality rates saw recent declining death rates from one year to the next. One such industry is the private construction sector, which saw injuries go down by nearly 42 percent since 2006; death rates fell by seven percent in the same period.

A recent article featured a list of 10 jobs which are considered among the deadliest in the country. Fishermen and loggers are at the top of the list with 102 and 57 fatal work injuries, respectively. Other professions listed are aircraft pilots, refuse collectors, roofers, steel workers, farmers, truck drivers, power-line installers and cab drivers.

Each of the jobs accounted for at least 20 deaths in 2011. The reasons cited for the hazards of doing these kinds of work are the hours logged, demanding and risky workplaces, the use of large machinery, environmental and chemical hazards, potential for falls, fatigue and exposure to extreme weather.

In many cases, transportation work and jobs that involve heights share common safety risks. Driving vehicles is among those with very high risks. Those people who work on powerlines, roofs and pilot aircrafts are at high risk as well.

Each job has its unique risks and the best thing to do is to ensure that safety is put first in the workplace. Workplace accident victims may wish to consider the assistance of a knowledgeable legal professional here in Newark for advice. Professionals might also be able to assist in claiming workers’ compensation, which is often awarded by the courts to accident victims.

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