A driver’s negligence is probably the most common cause of a car accident in the United States. A driver who sends text messages while driving and fails to comply with traffic laws is considered a negligent driver. If a motor vehicle accident occurs, factors such as distracted driving are often scrutinized, which will determine if the driver was negligent. This could also determine if the driver is also liable for the victim’s compensation.

From Newark to Graniteville is approximately a 20-minute drive and that is the route where a recent car accident occurred. A police officer rushed to help a pedestrian who was struck by a vehicle, and while the police officer assisted the victim, another car struck the officer. It was reported that car was driven by a driver with a suspended license.

The 52-year-old police officer sustained injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. He is listed in stable condition. The driver with the suspended license was apprehended by the police. He may receive citations and other charges following the accident.

The responsible driver in a case like this might face criminal charges. Aside from this, the driver may be held liable for the injuries sustained by the victim. Following a car accident, a victim may obtain compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party. A victim will receive awards and damages once he or she has proven the negligence of the defendant.

A car accident victim needs to understand that filing a personal injury lawsuit is not always a simple task. It involves a legal process that may require the assistance of a legal professional who can navigate the legal system. In New Jersey, a car accident victim may seek legal advice from a professional who can ensure the protection of the victim’s rights throughout the proceeding.

Source: NY Daily News, “Driver smashes into Staten Island cop car as officer rushes to help injured girl,” Mark Morales, Sep. 5, 2013