Premises liability claims may arise following the injury or death of a person inside a property, whether private or public. New Jersey residents probably recognize these premises liability claims in the form of incidents where people suffered injuries due to a dog bite, elevator accident or slip-and-fall accident. In such cases, property owners can be held liable for damages if a victim files a legal claim alleging negligence on the property owners’ part.

A property owner’s negligence can result in devastating outcomes. An incident recently occurred just south of New Jersey in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This past June, a 52-year-old woman was shopping for clothes at a Salvation Army store when a nearby building that was set to be demolished collapsed. The debris fell onto the store and killed six people, including the woman.

The relatives of the victim filed a lawsuit following the tragic incident. The lawsuit cited conscience-shocking behavior, carelessness, recklessness and negligence on the defendant’s part. The lawsuit alleges that the store owner failed to warn people of the structural problems and also failed to stop the demolition, which could have prevented the death of the victim.

The excavator operator, the demolition firm and the building owner were also named as defendants in the lawsuit. They chose not to comment regarding the details of the plaintiff’s wrongful death lawsuit.

This case shows strong evidence of negligence, which is a contributing factor in the death of the victims. The victim’s family will need to gather necessary facts and evidence to support the claim. The victim’s family may also wish to acquire the services of a legal professional who can determine the value of the claim and represent the case in court.

Victims who are considering filing a premises liability lawsuit may also wish to seek legal advice to increase the chances of obtaining the appropriate amount of compensation.

Source: New Jersey,2nd suit planned in Philly building collapse,” Sept. 13, 2013