Every job carries its own set of risks. However, employers are required to make sure that these risks are either minimized or removed altogether. If an employer fails to do so and a worker is injured on the job, then an employee can file for workers’ compensation benefits or may even pursue legal action.

Actions of this type remain a distinct possibility for one New Jersey company because of its continued safety violation citations. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has recently cited a local Middlesex County furniture company for 13 serious violations including four repeat violations.

After receiving a complaint, OSHA first investigated the company’s New Brunswick warehouse last July. A more recent investigation revealed that there were repeat violations, including insufficient work space near electrical equipment. The warehouse also failed to maintain unobstructed exit routes, label dangerous chemicals and maintain spray booths. Meanwhile, serious violations included lack of a workplace hazards assessment, safety equipment and training for employees. In all, the company was fined $71,280; $41,580 for the repeat violations and $29,700 for serious violations.

OSHA considers violations serious when there is an increased possibility for worker injury, or the loss of life because of safety hazards that an employer may or may not be aware of. Upon receiving the citation, the New Jersey facility will have 15 days to comply or challenge the agency’s findings.

Newark workers injured on the job can file a workers’ compensation claim to help them pay for medical expenses during their recuperation. The claim can also help them recover lost wages. Consulting with a legal professional can help move the compensation process forward, as well as determine if there was any negligence on the part of the employer, which can be addressed in a personal injury lawsuit.

Source: My Central Jersey, “OSHA cites The Furniture Exchange for violations at New Brunswick warehouse,” Dec. 30, 2013