When the temperature in Newark, New Jersey, falls below -10 degrees Fahrenheit, most people are trying to beat the cold. Under such weather conditions, however, property owners should be wary about a potential dangerous property condition that could lead to an unexpected slip-and-fall accident.

In Staten Island, located south of Newark, a 31-year-old man was awarded $255,000 as settlement in a lawsuit filed against his landlord. The man sued his landlord after sustaining an ankle injury in a slip-and-fall accident. The accident reportedly happened in his landlord’s driveway on January 31, 2011.

The plaintiff’s lawyer asserted that the man went to his landlord’s home to pay his apartment rent. However, the man slipped and fell on ice while on his landlord’s driveway. A leaking drain pipe allegedly caused the icy condition on the driveway. When emergency responders arrived on the scene of the accident, they reportedly had to spread salt on the driveway before they could even reach the plaintiff to help. The victim was transported to Richmond University Medical Center.

Roads and sidewalks are expected to be slippery during winter weather. However, it is the duty of property owners to prevent such a dangerous property condition from injuring another person. A property owner should also repair unsafe conditions that could potentially injure a visitor or customer. If an accident were to occur, the owner may be accountable for the damages the victim suffers.

An ankle injury, as a result of a slip and fall accident in New Jersey, is relatively minor. However, it can still lead to significant medical expenses and loss of work, which can be costly for the victim. Fortunately, there are legal options available that may help the victim recover compensation from the negligent property owner.

Source: Silive, “Slip-and-fall in icy Staten Island driveway results in 250G settlement, Frank Donnelly, Jan. 6, 2014