Workers across the United States sometimes face unique on-the-job challenges which may risk their safety and health. Unfortunately, work-related accidents cannot be completely avoided and they can happen anytime, even if strict safety compliance exists. For instance, many workers are exposed to unsafe working conditions by the very nature of their jobs.

One of these instances occurred recently when a tragic gas explosion in a suburban New Jersey neighborhood left a woman dead and seven workers injured. The deceased victim remains unidentified. Her body was found on a car near the explosion site. None of the injuries suffered by the workers were life-threatening, but three workers were hospitalized for shrapnel wounds, broken bones and concussions.

Prior to the blast, a contractor was replacing electrical lines to the house that exploded, according to PSE&G officials. The contractor notified the utility company around midday after damaging a gas line. Crews were sent to the area to repair the line when, about an hour later, an explosion occurred, rocking a nearby apartment complex, destroying at least 10 houses and damaging at least 45 apartment units.

Work-related injury, death or illness is not only emotionally frustrating but also takes a financial toll which can impact a worker and his or her family. Every hour of employment lost while recovering from injuries means less wages and additional medical expenses. If the victim dies, funeral costs and financial obligations must also be addressed.

In addition to ensuring worker safety by providing training and safety equipment, employers must also carry liability insurance to fund workers’ compensation benefits. A worker who is injured on the job may file a claim for benefits. If difficulties arise in obtaining these benefits, then a Newark legal professional can help an injured worker fight for what he or she deserves.

Source: NBC New York, “1 Dead, 7 Hurt After Townhouse Complex Explodes in New Jersey,” Mar. 5, 2014