Many restaurants in Newark, New Jersey, attract many diners with a homey and welcoming charm, allowing people to share moments with family and friends. Unfortunately, negligent restaurant owners and employees can risk the safety of their customers, leading to devastating outcomes.

Outback Steakhouse is a well-known restaurant chain in New Jersey. Although the company maintains a positive reputation, one of its restaurants is facing a lawsuit after a customer slipped and fell on a slick floor. The woman who filed the lawsuit claims the slip-and-fall accident occurred in April, and she suffered injuries to her wrist. She is seeking an unspecified amount of compensation, including punitive damages.

Accidents can occur anywhere, even in places where they are not expected, such as commercial establishments. Unfortunately, hazardous conditions in restaurants, such as wet and slippery floors, expose guests and customers to risk of injury, which can be serious or even fatal. Physical injuries from slip-and-fall accidents can also cause pain and emotional trauma. On top of that, victims of these accidents often incur medical bills, lost wages, and funeral expenses, if the incident is fatal.

Property owners and employees have the paramount responsibility not only of keeping their premises clean, but also free from risks. There are several ways to avoid slip-and-fall accidents, including providing proper lighting, posting adequate warning signs, and keeping up with maintenance and repair.

If a negligent property owner or the company’s employees fail to maintain a safe premises and a customer is injured, then the victim can file a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner. A legal professional can help the victim try to establish the property owner’s negligence, and an attorney will fight for the compensation the victim rightfully deserves. If hazardous conditions result in a victim’s death, then his or her surviving family may file a wrongful death lawsuit in an attempt to cover their damages.

Source: The West Virginia Record, “Woman files slip-and-fall suit against Outback,” Whitney Brakken, March 25, 2014