Construction work exposes an employee to daily risks. Being struck by a falling object, falling from a construction site, injuries from equipment and heavy machinery and illnesses from dangerous chemicals are possible hazards a worker can face. However, risk can be minimized, if an employer has the proper safety protocols in place, so a worker will not be injured on the job or lose a life.

A recent construction accident just west of Newark, New Jersey, demonstrated the dangers of construction work. In Maplewood, a 50-year-old male worker lost his life and another worker sustained serious injury after a building collapsed. According to the local fire chief, a restaurant manager and a construction worker were also in the building when it collapsed. Two occupants were able to get out safely when the accident occurred. Unfortunately, two victims who were trapped in the basement were unable to do so.

The construction crew was installing a staircase inside the eatery when part of the floor and the stairs gave way. Next, the section between the kitchen and dining area caved in. The restaurant’s first floor collapsed into the restaurant’s basement, trapping victims because the side walls gave way causing wooden beams, dirt and rock to fill the basement area. Nearby, establishments were evacuated as a precaution to public safety. Other details of the accident, including the reason for the collapse, are still being investigated.

After a workplace accident, Newark workers can be caught at a disadvantage because they will be injured and unable to provide for their families. To help workers during this difficult time, a workers’ compensation claim can be filed, which may lead to benefits that can help a worker with medical costs, lost wages and other expenses. An Essex County workers compensation benefits attorney can help an injured worker sort out what’s needed to make a claim.

Source: CBS New York, “1 Dead, 1 Hurt After Internal Building Collapse in Maplewood,” May 30, 2014