Trucks, because of their massive size, take a lot of skill to drive. Truck drivers should always remember to be alert and practice extra caution, since these large vehicles are hard to maneuver when making sudden turns or stops. Failure to take care may result in a truck accident that can lead to serious injuries for unsuspecting motorists. Fatalities are also a distinct possibility. A truck accident that happened north of Newark, New Jersey, unfortunately, took the life of an unsuspecting police officer.

In Waldwick, a police officer lost his life after a tractor-trailer failed to stop and rear-ended the officer’s car that was parked on the highway’s shoulder. The 32-year-old officer, who worked for the police department for five years, was using radar to check for speeding vehicles on a local highway during an early morning shift when the fatal accident occurred. The truck driver was uninjured, but the officer died at the scene. The driver called 911 to bring help to the scene.

The driver, a resident of New York, faces vehicular homicide charges. A $25,000 bail was set for his temporary release, and it is still uncertain why the truck, which was carrying produce, veered onto the highway’s shoulder. Nonetheless, no indications were found that the large vehicle even tried to stop. The cop car was resting on a grassy area between an elevated backyard and the highway’s shoulder and its hazard lights were blinking. Besides hitting the police car, the truck also struck a stone wall and picket fence.

The recent truck accident demonstrates the hazards motorists face. Not only can they suffer catastrophic injuries, they can also lose their lives. Victims injured in a truck accident can hold a driver responsible for negligent behavior by filing a lawsuit. For fatal accidents, loved ones of a victim can file the legal action on a victim’s behalf.

Source: ABC News, “New Jersey Police Officer Dies in Rear-End Crash,” David Porter, July 17, 2014