Pedestrian accidents often leave the person on foot holding the short end of the stick. Unlike a driver inside an enclosed vehicle, an unprotected pedestrian can suffer serious injuries, including brain damage, spinal injury and broken bones. Other victims may even lose their lives in a pedestrian accident. One such incident recently occurred less than a half-an-hour’s drive southwest of Newark, New Jersey.

According to the Westfield Police Department, the incident occurred on July 23 on South Avenue. A male pedestrian was walking in a crosswalk. A bus had stopped in the right lane of traffic to yield to the passing pedestrian. However, a car attempted to pass the bus in the left lane and did not yield to the pedestrian. The man was struck by the car and was taken to a local hospital for treatment. He was released later in the day. Other details of the accident are still being investigated by the police.

In New Jersey, as in most states, a pedestrian is considered legally crossing the street while in a crosswalk and vehicles are then required to yield to the pedestrian. Overtaking and passing a vehicle that has stopped to let a pedestrian cross is also prohibited since it could lead to an accident. To reduce accidents and maintain safety, pedestrians are required to walk in crosswalks and designated areas. Besides following traffic regulations, drivers should refrain from distracted driving, intoxicated driving and other negligent practices.

When an accident occurs, injured pedestrians may have cause to file a legal action against a negligent driver. Besides physical injuries, a victim could also suffer from financial hardships due to medical expenses and the inability to work because of the injuries sustained in the pedestrian accident.

Source:, “Pedestrian in Westfield Accident was Crossing Legally,” Jackie Lieberman, Aug. 1, 2014